Viewing Homes-How do I find homes?


How do I find homes?

Spend time with your agent identifying and getting to know the neighborhoods you want to live in. What schools, parks and amenities are nearby? Does the neighborhood have a Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) and what are their restrictions and fees? Some HOA’s have amenities like pools or tennis courts that add value to your purchase. Some HOA’s have restrictions that may impact you. Having parks and hiking trails, public pools and transportation close by is great unless noise or activity becomes a factor. All this and more should be explored before making an offer. Filling out our Home Buying Wish List will help identify what is important to you.

Looking at homes, especially in the Silicon Valley, is a unique experience. In our competitive market, you often must decide quickly or lose the home to someone else. With the propensity for multiple offers over asking price, the pressure on a home buyer can be relentless. Pre-planning plus preparation can help calm things down. Click here for our Home Buying Wish List. We recommend you take time to fill this out and share it with your agent.

Fun Fact:
Have you ever wondered how the information on homes for sale gets to Zillow, and other sites? It is originated on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where listing agents post the information on homes they have for sale. A multitude of sites grab the info within minutes and repost it to their site.