The Selling Experience
So, You're Thinking of Selling Your Home.

Homes in our part of California are like retirement accounts.  Often, they grow quicker than our salary!  Home prices have been on the increase since 2012.

Our California Bay Area trends towards a seller’s market.  Whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market, the number one thing you need to know about selling your home, is the real estate agent you select will have a huge effect on the profit you gain on the sale of your home.

We have put together some tips to help you choose wisely.

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The Stages of Selling a Home
Choosing an agent – What should I ask them in the interview and what should I expect of my agent?

Agents make a huge difference in the sales price of your home.  We encourage you to choose your real estate agent with as much care as you would when selecting an attorney or a physician.  Ask a friend or family member, read reviews on sites like or  Check their references. 

Preparing Your Home –pre-inspecting, repairing, painting, staging

There have been numerous studies done that show doing a little work to your home can bring you more money in the end.  Santa Clara County has had such a housing boom many homes sell AS-IS with serious defects.  Your agent can tell you what the local trends are.

Determining Price

Pricing is determined by recent sales and the current market.  We are currently in a Seller’s Market.  The low end is selling at a higher price per square foot than the high end because there is more competition for the lower priced homes.

On the Multiple Listings - What to expect

Once your home is on the Multiple Listings you can expect agents to call to show your home.  Depending on what you set up with your listing agent, they may call you directly or go through your agent.

Open House, Broker Tour and getting the word out

Open Houses have a terrible reputation on the internet.  Almost every article we read said the open house benefits the agent, not the home.  The important question is Does an Open House sell your home?

Receiving Offers and the Offer Process

When you receive an offer on your home, it is imperative that you review it carefully. The offer tells you the price the buyer is willing to pay and under what terms.  Your agent will review the offer with you and generally give you a summary of the offer, highlighting the important points.

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