Choosing an Agent

What should I ask them in the interview

How to Choose an Agent

Agents make a huge different in the sale price of your home. We encourage you to choose your real estate agent with as much care as you would in selecting an attorney or a physician; ask around, do research on how many homes they have sold and check their references.

The current trend in commission rate is 5%, the average sales price of homes in Morgan Hill is $900,000. That means the seller is paying $45,000 in commissions. You have little to say about the agent bringing in the offer and representing the buyer, but you can ask yourself what you are getting for the $22,500 you are paying your agent.

You should know you actually pay commission to the Brokerage, not the agent. The Brokerage then pays a percentage to the agents. Agents cover most of the costs associated with listing your home for sale. From photos and virtual tour to advertising and flyers, the agent, not the Brokerage, pays the expenses.

Here are the questions we would ask when interviewing an agent:

1. Length of time in real estate

2. Number of sales in the past 6 months

3. What are their working hours

4. What is their philosophy of selling real estate

5. Knowing the following are the Minimal Acceptable in today’s market – check to be sure all of the following are offered by your potential agent:

a. Home professionally photographed, including a virtual tour

b. A professional flyer

c. Listed on the local MLS

d. Host Broker Tour

e. Hold open houses

6. Besides the items listed above, what would they provide

7. What is their strategy for selling your home

8. How do they determine the price of your home – pricing strategy

9. Ask them to give you a list of all the homes they have sold in the last 6 months and the names and numbers of the sellers.

Choosing an Agent: What should I expect of them:

An agent with experience should give you ideas on what to do to prepare your home for market, have suggestions of tradesmen that can help and guide you through the process of getting your home on the market.