On the Multiple Listings

What to expect


What to expect on multiple listings

Once your home is on the Multiple Listings you can expect agents to call to show your home. Depending on what you set up with your listing agent, they may call you directly or go through your agent.

The showing times considered reasonable are after 9:00 AM and before 9:00 PM. Generally, you will find agents try to show in daylight hours.

Agents are trained to leave the home like they found it. If all the lights are on when they arrive, they will leave it that way unless told otherwise.

If you have an alarm system, we suggest you disarm it during hours you think your home will be shown.

If you like the door left unlocked between the garage and the home, put a sign by the door saying, “Do Not Lock” or it is likely the door will be locked by a diligent agent. Agents should leave a card to tell you they were there. If you have a keybox it automatically records each agent unlocking the box.

Here is a handy tip - When agents call, have them text you with their name, the time they think they will be at your home and their real estate license number. You will have all their information available should you need it.